Who We Are

We have been in business 10 years. We know a successful business is the sum of many small details. However, you know your core business, and we know cleaning. Empress Cleaning Services  helps businesses run smoothly by allowing you to better focus your energy on your products and clients. Le tEmpress Cleaning Services partner with you to make your business space shine for clients and employees alike!

Partnering with  Empress Cleaning Services helps your business run smoothly in other ways as well. Reducing the spread of germs around your office is one easy way to prevent employee absenteeism and increase your company’s output and profit. Our Atlanta  office cleaning service employs several extra measures to ensure your location is left clean and sanitary each and every time we visit. We pay special attention to high traffic areas where germs can cluster, like door handles, elevator buttons, and common room surfaces, such as a break room counter. This special attention from your office janitor helps to stop the spread of contagious diseases that can rip through the office and leave everyone sidelined.